Horne Conveyance Safety Signs a New Distributor for Mongolia

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Horne Conveyance Safety Ltd Signs a New Distributor for Mongolia

Barrie, Canada – January 26, 2014 -Horne Conveyance Safety (Horne), with extensive experience in providing advanced engineered safety solutions in Mine Hoisting & Conveyance, safety catch solutions as well as Impact Arresting, is pleased to announce the appointment of Canada Technology Mining Service LLC (CTMS) as its Exclusive Authorized Distributor of its products in Mongolia.

CTMS provides representation and localization services to mining technology solution providers in Mongolia and select geographies.  CTMS will sell Horne products and provide efficient supply chain and aftermarket service solutions.

“CTMS is proud to be associated with Horne and looks forward to introducing the Levelok Cage and Skip Chairing Systems as well as the cutting edge Emergency Fall Arresting Systems (EFAS) to Mongolian based companies and continue serving Horne’s existing clients in the region. Horne’s innovative safety solutions complement our Hoisting and Conveyance Solutions offering to our clients” said Bayar Baatar, President of CTMS.

“This is an opportunity for Horne to increase local sustainable labour capacity while serving our existing and future clients in a cost efficient and timely manner. Having the ability to respond quickly is paramount for mission-critical safety solution providers, such as ourselves.” stated Andre du Preez, President of Horne Conveyance Safety Ltd, “We are pleased to be represented by a company of the stature of CTMS in this part of the world.”

About Horne Conveyance Safety

Horne Conveyance Safety is a leader in providing advanced engineered safety solutions in Mine Hoisting & Conveyance as well as Impact Arresting for more than 30 years.  The EFAS (Emergency Fall Arresting System) is cutting edge technology compared to other safety catch solutions.  Horne has a proven track record that is built on a visionary approach to technological trends in the industry, adaptability to clients’ needs and a rapid response to the new challenges that present themselves regularly.

Horne Conveyance Safety is celebrating 10 years in Canada this year and is headquartered in  Barrie, Canada.

About Canada Technology Mining Service

Canada Technology Mining Service LLC (CTMS) was formed in 2016 to engage in representation, localization and aftermarket services of advanced technologies and products in Mining and Construction. The founders of the company have extensive experience in various projects, including underground shafts, tunnels, infrastructure, engineering and technological solutions.  CTMS focuses on niche, sustainable and complementing technologies that improve productivity, efficiency and the health & safety of our clients.

CTMS is headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with a logistics centre/warehouse in Khanbogd Soum (County), South Gobi Province, Mongolia

For more information please contact Annelea Blignaut (Horne) at: [email protected] or  (705) 791 8963 or Odgerel Byamba (CTMS) at: [email protected]  or +976 9909 2816.

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