Reng Gopro (Pty) (RengGo) Ltd signs a New International Master Distributor for their Guide Rollers.

Stilfontein, South Africa – May 2018 – RengGo with extensive experience, are proud to announce the appointment of Horne Conveyance Safety Ltd as its Exclusive Master Distributor of its Guide Rollers worldwide. RengGo has become a major force in the supply of a large range of engineering products to the mining industry in South Africa and are looking to expand beyond its own borders.

Horne Conveyance Safety (HCS), with extensive experience in providing advanced engineered safety solutions in Mine Hoisting & Conveyance, safety catch solutions as well as Impact Arresting, is excited to add another quality product to its own line of products.

“HCS is proud to be associated with RengGo and looks forward to introducing the RengGo Guide Rollers to our clients worldwide” said Andre du Preez, President of HCS.

“We are pleased to find a well-established partner and being represented by HCS who is highly regarded.  We believe that HCS will drive our strategy to further increase our international influence and exposure.” stated Wessel Verwey, Divisional Managing Director of RengGo.

About RengGo

Originally known as North West Gopro and Reng, RengGo have nearly 30- years of experience in the mining support industry, manufacturing high quality rail bound equipment (axle wheel assemblies, buffers, suspension rubbers) and Skip Guide Rollers, whilst providing engineering support to complimentary equipment. RengGo has become a major force in the mining industry, holding contracts and/or supplying all major mining corporations. This is largely attributed to the high level of service and quality offered and the implementation of the revolutionary designs that have changed the industry over the years. The unique feature of the Skip Guide Roller, including a torque guide system, has allowed RengGo to export throughout the mining world including Australia, Canada, U.S.A. and the whole of the African market.

About Horne Conveyance Safety

Horne Conveyance Safety is a leader in providing advanced engineered safety solutions in Mine Hoisting & Conveyance as well as Impact Arresting for more than 30 years.  The EFAS (Emergency Fall Arresting System) is cutting edge technology compared to other safety catch solutions.  Horne has a proven track record that is built on a visionary approach to technological trends in the industry, adaptability to clients’ needs and a rapid response to the new challenges that present themselves regularly.

Horne Conveyance Safety is celebrating 11 years in Canada and is headquartered in Barrie, Canada.

For more information please contact Annelea Blignaut (HCS) at: [email protected] or

+1 (705) 791 8963 or Wessel Verwey (RengGo) at: [email protected] or +27 83 657 5805

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