Levelok® SKIP Holding System

Improved Productivity. Enhanced Safety.

Levelok®’s Skip Holding System has been eliminating spillage, eliminating the transfer of shock loads to the rope and increasing rope life since the 1980s. The Levelok® Skip Holding System consists of a power pack and clamps which hold a skip steady during the transfer of loads. The clamps release their grip at a controlled rate to allow the rope stretch to be taken up smoothly.

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How It Works

The system is installed at the loading level. The skip is fitted with clamping bars, onto which the clamps grip, holding the skip in position during loading. The system is fully automated. Pre-tensioning of the rope will ensure that there is minimal movement of the skip when the clamps release.

An alternative would be to use the patented decompression system to allow the skip to slide in a controlled manner to its new position when the clamps release, again depending on the design requirements of the client. The ‘slide through’ option has a quicker cycle time.

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Learn how the Levelok® Skip System can benefit your mine.

No spillage of material during skip loading

Rope life on skip systems
may be increased.

Fully Automated Operation

Fast cycle Time

Ease of maintenance


Frequently asked questions about the Levelok® Skip Holding System

Why should I consider using the Levelok Skip System?

  • No spillage of material during skip loading
  • Rope life on skip systems may be increased
  • The system can be used on wood, steel and rail guides.
  • Fast cycle Time
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fully Automated Operation

What load can the clamps support?

Clamps can be designed to suit any load conditions.

What factor of safety is used on the clamps?

All the clamp units are designed with a minimum safety factor of 5 on ultimate tensile strength. On clamping force, a safety factor of 1.5 is used.

What material are the clamp shoes made of?

The material used is mild steel and the shoes are milled from a single piece of mild steel. This material has been found to be quite satisfactory under wet and dry conditions. In special cases we do use high grip friction materials which greatly increases the load bearing capacity of the clamps.

What clearance is there between the shoe and the clamping bar?

The normal design clearance is 16mm so that there is virtually no possibility of the shoe making contact with the guide while the cage is in motion. For multi loading levels a wide angle clamp can be used with a clearance of 50mm. Alternatively the clamp can be installed on a swing arm mechanism that will swing the clamp into clamping position only when needed.

How long does it take for the clamps to operate?

Clamping time is between 1 and 2 seconds. Release time for pre-tensioning is 1 to 2 seconds.

When using the patented decompression system which allows the skip to slide to take up rope stretch, release time will be 4 to 10 seconds depending on the rope stretch.

How are the clamps installed?

The client needs to ensure that the shaft steelwork is capable of holding the dynamic loads.

Clamps are installed on shaft steel work using special bases and hoods for protection.

Where should the power pack and accumulator be installed?

The power pack should be located on the loading level as close as possible to the clamps. Please allow enough space for maintenance access and protection from falling material.

What happens if the driver pulls away when the clamps are still applied?

The operation of the system is fully automated and interlocked with the hoist brake system as to not allow the skip to be pulled away while the clamps are applied.

What is delivery time on the complete Levelok Skip System?

Normally within 14 weeks for a mild steel Levelok Skip System.

Who Uses Levelok® SKIP Holding System?

North America

  • 777 Mine Manitoba, Canada
  • Craig Mine Ontario, Canada
  • Kidd Creek Mine Ontario, Canada
  • Red Lake Gold Mine Ontario, Canada
  • Nickel Rim South Mine Ontario, Canada
  • Underground Vaults & Storage Kansas, USA


  • Tower Colliery NSW, Austalia
  • Cordeaux Colliery NSW, Austalia

South Africa

  • Moab Khotsong Mine Gauteng, South Africa
  • South Deep Mine Gauteng, South Africa
  • Great Noligwa Mine Orkney, South Africa
  • Tau Lekoa Mine Orkney, South Africa
  • Mponeng Mine North West, South Africa
  • Kopanang Mine Orkney, South Africa
  • E. Driefontein #5 Shaft Gauteng, South Africa
  • Palabora Copper Mine Phalaborwa, South Africa
  • Target Mine Free State, South Africa
  • Tshepong Mine Free State, South Africa
  • Phakisa Mine Free State, South Africa
  • No 11 C Shaft Rustenburg, South Africa
  • Black Mountain Mine Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Zondagsfontein Mine Mpumalanga, South Africa


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