Shaft Communication System


Real Time Communication & Monitoring System

Guduza System Technologies' Shaft Communication System is a real-time communication system offering slack and tight rope monitoring functionality with warning alarms and trips to prevent a conveyance from going into a tight or slack rope condition. The good quality voice communication as well as belling to surface and back, is used for normal day to day as well as inspection usage.

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See the benefits of the Shaft Communication System.

Tight & Slack
Rope Monitoring

Voice communication between cage and surface

Analog digital
handling capability

Easy shaft

Three segment LED display indicates tonnage of the cage

Indications: Built In Test Equipment (B.I.T.E.)

LED Indicators for Slack rope, Tight rope, Battery voltage

Buzzer alarm and
warning indication

Fail Safe – System trips on loss of carrier signal and on other unsafe conditions

Reset Function – Electronic coded key (Reset Key) for resetting system

Installations & Maintenance

  • PAU (Parameter Adjustment Unit)
  • Synthesized frequency selection
  • Operator configurable
  • Computer based parameter setting unit
  • System setup and parameter settings done from surface
  • Modules are interchangeable between Shaft Systems
  • Reduced stores holding


  • Using the available 56 digitals for interlocking of doors, booms and Levelok etc. – making the Shaft Communication System a comprehensive communication and management tool.
  • Real time cage x – y Parameter Monitoring
  • (Vibration Monitoring)
  • Real time Dual Rope Equalization Monitoring

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