Predictable Impact Energy Absorption.

The Technogrid® is a strain energy absorption device which absorbs the kinetic, or potential energy, of a moving object by deforming a metal grid of known design and characteristics through a stroke deformation of predicted value.
All this means is that Technogrid will safely stop an out-of-control vehicle or falling object by absorbing the impact energy.”

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How It Works

A Technogrid is installed in such a way that it will expand or be pulled apart on impact. One side of the Technogrid is attached to a fixed point and the other side is attached to a catch frame or similar device. When the out-of-control vehicle or falling object impact on the catch frame, the Technogrid will start to deform as it absorbs impact energy. This will cause the out of control vehicle or falling object to safely decelerate to a stop.

Technogrid comes with numbers. It is possible to very accurately calculate all forces on the catch frame as well as the fixed point. This allows for a safe predictable design.

Main applications for Technogrid includes, gravity take-up counterweight arresting, overwind arresting in mine shafts and arresting run-away underground trains.

Technogrid is designed and manufactured by Technogrid C.C. and Horne Conveyance Safety is licensed to promote and sell Technogrid.

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TG is a cost effective way to arrest a falling gravity take-up counterweight. In the case of conveyor belt failure where the counter wweight falls, there is potential for damage to the structure and/or counterweight itself. TG will safely arrest the counterweight preventing damage and saving down-time as there will be no damage to repair.


  • Prevents damage to the counter weight
  • Prevents damage caused to the structure from counter weight falling to the ground
  • Reduces down time after belt failure
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost effective


Overwind is arresting the conveyance in the accidental event of the winder not stopping the conveyance timeously.


  • Very light initial impact force
  • Predictable reaction forces relating to cage and headgear design
  • Occupy minimal space in the shaft steel work
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing mines.
  • Custom designed to suit each application
  • Maintenance free (recommend an annual inspection)


Learn how the Technogrid® can benefit your mine.

TG comes with numbers, predictable impact/reaction forces

Prevents damage resulting from impacts

Reduces down-time

Maintenance free

Easy to install

Modular system, can be designed to accommodate very high energy ranges

Proven operational track record



  • Freeport McMoran PT Grasberg, Indonesia
  • Rio Tinto Oyu Tolgoi # 2 shaft, Mongolia
    Oyu Tolgoi # 1 shaft, Mongolia
  • Lonmin Marikana K4 Shaft,
    South Africa
  • HarmonyPhakisa Shaft,
    South Africa Doornkop mine, South Africa: under-wind only protecting a sinking operation below an existing shaft
  • Wesizwe Platinum South Africa
  • Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Zambia
  • AssmangNchwaning Mine,
    South Africa: under-wind only
  • SouthernEraMessina Mining, South Africa: under-wind only
  • Mosaic PotashK3 Mine, Esterhazy, SK, Canada Colonsay Mine, SK, Canada
  • Potash Corp of SaskRocanville # 1 shaft, SK, Canada (still to be installed)
  • BHP BillitonJansen Project, SK, Canada (on order)


  • Impala Platinum# 20 shaft, South Africa
  • Anglo Platinum Paardekraal shaft, South Africa


  • Over 250 safety devices supplied to prevent rolling stock from falling down a vertical mine shaft


  • Potash Corp of Saskatchewan PCS Lanigan Mine, SK PCS Cory Mine, SK PCS Rocanville, SK PCS Allan, SK PCS Picadilly, NB
  • De Beers Diamonds Snap Lake Mine, NT
  • Thompson Creek MiningEndako Mines, BC
  • Agrium Potash Vault Project, SK
  • Imperial Metals Corp Red Chris Mine, BC
  • K&S Potash Legacy Project, Bethune, SK
  • Stornoway Diamond Corp Renard Project, QC (on order)
  • ThyssenKrupp Robbins Greenwood, CO
  • PPS Engineers Raleigh, NC
  • Resolute Forest Products Calhoun, TN
  • Anglo (American) Platinum Rasimone mine
  • Anglo (American) Coal Isibonela coal bunker – picture is on the brochure
  • Impala Platinum Mineral processing
  • Impala Platinum# 11 Shaft
  • Ezulwini Mining company
  • BCL (Botswana)
  • Gladstone Port Authority Gladstone, Queensland
  • Sheritt International / Thyssen Krupp USAAmbatovy Mine, Madagaskar
  • IamgoldEssakane Mine, Burkino Faso
  • First Quantum MineralsGuelg Moghrein Project, Mauritania
    Minera Panama Project (on order)
  • ValeOman Industrial Complex


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